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You’re happily driving along when, out of nowhere, 4,000 pounds of steel crashes into you.

A car accident interrupts your day and your life. It can leave you with serious injuries and expensive property damage.

If you have been in a car accident, you may need an attorney.

At River Run Law, our Richmond car accident attorneys help victims recover compensation for the damage they have suffered.

We help you pursue payment for medical expenses, property damage, and pain and suffering. An accident settlement can provide for you and your family while you recover from your injuries.

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Should You Contact a Car Accident Attorney?

After your car accident, you may try to negotiate with the insurance company on your own.

Sometimes that works, but many car accident victims get the run around from insurance companies.

If you think the insurance company is unfairly denying or undervaluing your claim, you should contact a Richmond car accident attorney.

You deserve full compensation for your accident injuries. Taking legal action will let the insurance company know that you’re serious about making them pay what they owe.

Most of the time, our auto accident lawyers in Virginia can reach a settlement with the insurance company. However, if they won’t cooperate and pay you fairly, we can take them to court.

Unfortunately, Virginia drivers are not required to purchase liability auto insurance.

If drivers don’t buy insurance, they must pay a yearly $500 fee. However, this fee does not provide you with coverage in the event of an accident.

If an uninsured driver causes your accident, you may be able to recover payment from your own insurance company. Another option is to sue the uninsured driver.

Our Richmond car accident lawyers can help you determine if suing the driver is a good idea based on an investigation of the driver’s financial situation.

A car accident can disrupt your day and impact your life significantly, often resulting in serious injuries and costly property damage. If you have been involved in a car accident, you may need legal assistance, contact our Richmond car accident attorney at (804) 889-0500.

Common Causes of Serious Auto Accidents in Richmond, Virginia

Richmond roads can be dangerous.

In 2017, Richmond had more than 5,000 car crashes, resulting in over 2,600 injuries and 21 fatalities.

Here are more statistics about 2017 Richmond auto accidents:

  • Intoxicated drivers were in 240 accidents, 
  • Intoxicated drivers caused 7 fatalities,
  • 771 accidents involved speeding drivers,
  • Speeding accidents injured more than 400 people,
  • 165 crashes involved vehicle occupants not wearing a seatbelt, and
  • 7 unrestrained vehicle occupants died in car crashes.

Drivers on Virginia roadways must follow the law.

When they break the law by speeding, driving while distracted, or driving while intoxicated, innocent people often suffer the consequences.

We can’t take back what happened to you in your auto accident, but we can work to make the person responsible pay.

When you file an accident injury lawsuit, you’re not only advocating for yourself.

You’re also doing a service to the other drivers on Richmond roadways.

You are encouraging safer driving and better laws that can protect others from suffering harm.

Common Injuries in a Car Accident

Car accidents have the potential to cause serious and even deadly injuries.

Such injuries can impact victims and their families for years to come.

Many accident victims experience these types of injuries:

  • Whiplash and neck pain,
  • Concussions and brain damage,
  • Soft tissue injuries like bruises and lacerations,
  • Muscle strains and tears,
  • Broken bones,
  • Spine damage, 
  • Disfigurement, and
  • Burns.

In addition to these physical injuries, accident victims may experience emotional injuries.

Anxiety and depression are common following life-altering injuries. A victim may experience distress about getting in a car again, limiting their way of life.

Emotional distress may lead to insomnia and other challenges.

An accident victim may experience strain on their relationships and an inability to provide care for others as they did before the accident.

All these damages can be compensated in an accident injury lawsuit.

While financial costs such as medical bills and lost wages are easy to calculate, our knowledgeable car accident attorneys can also help you put a value on emotional damages.

You should be able to receive compensation for all the harm you suffered in an accident.

If you have been involved in a car accident in Virginia, we invite you to call our attorneys at (804) 889-0500.

When Can You Sue for Car Accident Injuries?

You can sue when someone negligently causes you harm. Demonstrating that someone negligently injured you requires you to prove these elements:

  • Someone had a duty to drive safely and follow traffic laws,
  • Someone breached that duty by driving in an irresponsible way,
  • Their breach of safe driving caused an accident, and
  • You suffered an injury or other losses as a result of the accident.

Every driver has a duty to follow traffic laws, so the first element is easy to prove.

You can show the other driver was irresponsible if you have texting records, blood alcohol content reports, witness statements, or other evidence. 

You must receive significant injuries or property damage to make a lawsuit worthwhile.

This means that if you suffered only a bruise or scratch, you might not have a good case for a lawsuit.

However, if you sustained serious injuries that required hospitalization or expensive medical treatment, you likely have grounds for a lawsuit.

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What Can a Richmond, VA Car Accident Lawyer Do?

Some accident victims assume they will save money by negotiating with the insurance company on their own.

However, car accident lawyers are skilled negotiators with lots of experience dealing with insurance companies.

Attorneys understand Virginia personal injury law, and they know strategies that are likely to win you maximum compensation. 

Negotiating on your own behalf often leads to you losing money compared to the settlement compensation you could achieve by hiring a car accident lawyer.

Even after subtracting attorney fees, you usually come out ahead.

If you decide to interview a few law firms, contact them for an initial case review.

A Richmond car accident lawyer will meet with you for a free consultation to listen to your accident experience.

You can ask questions and learn about Virginia’s car accident attorneys.

The car accident attorney will explain your legal options. A consultation also gives you a chance to get to know the law firm and decide whether you trust them with your case.

Once you decide on a lawyer, your stress level should get much lighter.

For instance, if you decide to hire our car accident lawyers, we’ll take over your insurance dealings.

We’ll handle the paperwork, negotiations, and court filings to make the accident litigation less stressful for you. 

How Can You Help Your Car Accident Attorney?

We do as much work as possible so that you can focus on recovering from your injuries.

You can help your car accident attorney by providing any evidence you have of the accident. Helpful evidence includes:

  • Photos of the accident scene,
  • The other driver’s license and insurance information,
  • The police report,
  • Witnesses’ names and contact information,
  • Medical reports,
  • Medical bills,
  • Car repair bills,
  • Paystubs, and
  • Communications with either insurance company.

If you don’t have all these details, we can use investigators to find critical evidence to support your claim. We’ll also hire expert witnesses if necessary.

Each piece of evidence helps you build a stronger case and gives the court a better understanding of what happened in your accident.

We want to help you build the strongest case possible so that you receive maximum compensation.

There are other things you can do to help your claim.

Since our skilled car accident attorneys will handle communications with the insurance company, you should avoid talking to insurers.

They may try to use deceptive tactics to get you to make a statement that hurts your claim. It’s best to refer any insurance company questions to your attorney.

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