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Suffering a serious injury can devastate your life. You need comprehensive medical care and the resources to keep you going until you can get back on your feet—and back to work. If someone else’s negligence or wrongful actions caused your accident, you deserve justice.

At River Run Law, we aggressively pursue justice and fair financial compensation for the wrongfully injured. We can assist you or a loved one with your personal injury or workers’ compensation claim, protecting your legal rights and holding the responsible party accountable for their actions.

You deserve to have a passionate advocate on your side. We service clients in Richmond, Virginia, and throughout the surrounding communities. When you don’t know where to turn for help, trust our experienced attorneys to get the job done for you.

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Casey Ariail Headshot

Casey Ariail

Founding Partner

Casey has tried numerous cases across the Commonwealth in both General District Court and Circuit Court. He has earned millions of dollars for his clients through trials, mediations, and settlements.

Brooke Alexander Headshot

Brooke Alexander

Founding Partner

Brooke brings insight from her experience as a defense attorney and working for the insurance companies to help her clients achieve the best results. She has been practicing law for over 14 years.

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At River Run Law we handle a variety of injury-related cases in Richmond, VA

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Our boutique law practice leverages cutting-edge technology to provide a highly personalized level of service. We have built our practice on a foundation of trust, compassion, and responsive communication. With an extensive network of resources and a wealth of knowledge and experience behind us, we help ensure that you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries and other damages.

Whether you sustained injuries in a car accident, trucking accident, or any other type of injury accident, our Richmond, Virginia personal injury lawyers can help. If you suffered an injury on the job, our workers’ compensation attorneys will fight for your rights to just treatment and fair compensation.

We offer a no-cost, no-obligation consultation for Richmond injury victims. When you trust us to handle your injury accident case, you never owe any legal fees until and unless we recover compensation on your behalf.

Contact us now to learn more or to speak with one of our experienced Richmond, VA personal injury lawyers.

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  • We knew our case was in good hands

    "I was in a car accident that totaled my car and left me with significant medical bills. I wanted to file a lawsuit against the other driver. Casey came well recommended, and he took control of the whole process. He was very responsive and we were very happy with the settlement he obtained. He was attentive, easy to reach, and we knew our case was in good hands."

    - J.T. | Car Accident, May 2021
  • Professionalism, Responsiveness

    "I worked with Brooke Alexander who resolved my case with tremendous results. She took charge of my case and put me completely at ease. A great, friendly, professional attorney. I strongly recommend her services."

    - Jessica | Slip and Fall, Jan. 2021
  • Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

    "The River Run Law Firm team is truly professional, and a pleasure to work with! Casey is full of knowledge, very responsive, and brings a sense of ease to an intimidating circumstance. He is a trustful guide, whom you can rely on through the entire process. I cannot imagine going through this experience without him, and I would highly recommend to all!"

    - Robin | Workers Compensation, Dec. 2020
  • Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

    "I was working with another law firm prior to Brooke taking over my case. Brooke made me comfortable through out the whole process. Brooke did not know deep down inside I was a little worried with me not knowing too much about her. I’m going to be the first to say. Sometime you have to leap in on faith like I did. Brooke performed Outstanding work, she made me feel very comfortable and most of all she didn’t leave me feeling uncertain about any decision made. You guys are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! If I can give more than 5 stars I would have done it with NO hesitation."

    - Christine | Car Accident, Dec. 2020
  • Professionalism, Responsiveness

    "Casey, and the team at River Run Law handled my case with the upmost professionalism. From start to finish they kept me up to date with where we were and what the next steps would be. I was never blindsided by anything. Couldn’t recommend them more highly!"

    - Rodes | General Practice, Dec. 2020
  • Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

    "I wish it were more words to describe River Run Law & Attorney Casey Ariail ! Hands down ABSOLUTELY the best ! You feel like you’ve known him your whole life & he’s very easy to speak with . It wasn’t a time I felt in the dark about my case & any questions at any time I could call & actually get a response most of the time I call & if Mr. Casey Ariail didn’t answer the first time I always receive a return call within 15 to 30 minutes . I haven’t had a better experience with a Law Firm ! I’ll DEFINITELY be working with them for the years to come !"

    - Chelse | Car Accident, Nov. 2020

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River Run Law Attorney Named “Go-To” Workers Compensation Lawyer

River Run Law’s Casey Ariail is named on Virginia Lawyers Weekly’s “Go-To Lawyers” list. Virginia Lawyers Weekly researches attorneys in Virginia to honor as “Go-To Lawyers.”  These attorneys are listed on the publication’s website. The latest docket of honorees names “go to” workers compensation attorneys. Workers’ compensation attorneys work to protect the interests of both claimants and defendants.  Casey represents employees who have suffered on-the-job injuries and various personal injury-related claims. Casey earned this honor by demonstrating nuanced knowledge of workers’ compensation law, as well as professionalism and success in the industry. Other must-haves to be named a Virginia Lawyers Weekly “Go-To Lawyers” are: Multiple successfully tried cases, Multiple referrals from other attorneys, and A creative approach to the practice area. Casey is a founding partner at River Run Law.  Throughout his career, he has won millions of dollars for his clients through trial, mediation, and settlements.  In addition to his success as a workers compensation attorney, Casey is very involved in the Richmond legal community.  Casey was named a “Go-To Lawyer” alongside 20 of his peers. River Run Law Group is proud to work with a “go-to” lawyer like Casey. Read more about Casey Ariail here.

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Virginia Car Insurance Laws: Do You Need Car Insurance in Virginia?

The Commonwealth of Virginia is one of the few U.S. states that does not require motorists to carry auto liability insurance. If you choose not to purchase car insurance, you must pay an extra fee each year, along with your vehicle registration. Although you can legally drive without car insurance in Virginia, you face a significant risk of legal and financial liability should you cause a car accident. If you get hurt in a car accident that wasn’t your fault, the bigger concern will be whether the at-fault party has car insurance. Through an insurance claim or a civil suit, you could recover compensation for your injuries, lost income, pain and suffering, and more. An experienced Virginia car accident lawyer from River Run Law can help you get the justice you deserve and maximize your financial compensation. Understanding the Virginia Car Insurance Laws In Virginia, you must either carry auto liability insurance according to the Commonwealth’s minimum coverage requirements or you must pay a fee to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Minimum insurance coverage requirements are as follows: Bodily injury/death (per person) of $25,000; Bodily injury/death (two or more people) of $50,000; and Property damage of $20,000. Under the Virginia car insurance laws, auto policies must also include coverage for uninsured and underinsured motorists, with limits that equal the policy’s limits of liability. However, the law provides you with the right to refuse this coverage. Based on the Commonwealth’s lax requirements for auto insurance, however, carrying uninsured motorist coverage makes good sense. If you elect to forgo car insurance coverage, you must pay an uninsured motor vehicle fee to the DMV when you register your vehicle. What Is the Virginia Uninsured Motor Vehicle Fee? If you register a vehicle but you don’t currently have auto insurance, the DMV imposes an Uninsured Motor Vehicle Fee of $500. This fee is assessed in addition to the registration fees. Paying this fee serves one purpose: It allows you to register a vehicle without having insurance coverage. This fee expires with your registration each year and must be paid upon renewal to keep your registration valid. If you cause an accident while driving without insurance, you are personally liable for any damage that occurs as a result. You will also face penalties from the DMV. What Happens If You Don’t Have Car Insurance in Virginia? If you register a vehicle and state that you have insurance when you actually don’t, the DMV will assess fines and fees of approximately $750. You will also face the suspension of your driver’s license and vehicle registration privileges. The DMV will also require you to keep insurance coverage in force continuously for three years from the date of your violation. To prove valid coverage, you must file the SR-22 Proof of Insurance and Financial Liability form during that period. If you cause or contribute to a motor vehicle collision while driving without insurance in Virginia, you are personally liable for any damages that result. The victims can sue you for damages, and if they prevail, you could face having a judgment entered against you. This can significantly affect your credit score and lead to liens, wage garnishments, and bank levies. Contact a Virginia Car Accident Lawyer Today for Help If you suffered injuries in a Virginia car accident, contact the experienced personal injury attorneys of River Run Law as quickly as possible. We can help you navigate the complexities of personal injury claims and lawsuits. We fight to protect your legal rights and get you every dollar possible for your injuries and other damages. Call or contact us online today for a free consultation and case review or to discuss the Virginia car insurance laws and requirements with one of our experienced car accident attorneys.

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Should I Call My Insurance Company After a Car Accident?

Whenever you are involved in a car accident in Virginia, it is important that you contact your auto insurance agent or carrier as soon as possible. This imperative applies whenever there is any type of damage or injury, no matter who was at fault. The Commonwealth of Virginia allows drivers to operate their vehicles on the roadway even if they don’t meet the state requirements for carrying car insurance. So after an accident you may wonder, Should I call my insurance if it wasn’t my fault? The fact that Virginia law does not require drivers to carry insurance means that the answer is yes. Even if you didn’t cause your accident, your auto insurance company could have to pay out for your injuries and other damages if the other driver is uninsured. Notifying them immediately is the first step to making sure your claim gets paid in a timely manner. If you have questions about what your next steps should be after an injury accident, contact River Run Law to speak to one of our experienced Virginia car accident attorneys. Our firm is committed to providing our clients with the highest possible level of professionalism, responsiveness, quality, and value. Contact us now to schedule a free consultation and case evaluation. Should I Call My Insurance Company After a Minor Accident? If another party (or parties) was at fault for an injury accident, you should report the incident to their insurance company as soon as possible. This can help establish the legal basis for your claim. However, you must also report any accident to your own insurance carrier. Consult your policy documents or contact your insurance agent to learn more about your specific reporting requirements. When you contact the insurance company, provide them with basic information only. This typically includes the date, time, and location of the accident. It also includes contact information for other involved parties. You should not, however, speculate about why the accident occurred or who was at fault. Do not provide a recorded statement, even to your own insurance company, until you speak with an attorney. Why Is Reporting a Virginia Car Accident to Your Insurance Company Critical? Many insurance companies limit the time you have to report an accident. Even if you aren’t sure whether your insurer imposes this requirement, it’s always better to be safe. But who pays for your injuries, lost income, emotional trauma, etc., if the at-fault party doesn’t have insurance? If you have uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, you could recover the compensation you need from your own auto insurance company. Accident victims often ask us, Should I call my insurance if it wasn’t my fault? Again, the answer is yes. Call your insurance company no matter who was at fault. In many cases, determining fault requires an extensive investigation or even accident reconstruction. You might believe you were at fault, but you can’t know everything that occurred before and during the accident.  Should I Talk to the Other Insurance Company After an Accident? Whether you believe someone else caused your injuries or not, never talk to another driver’s insurance company. The insurer will likely contact you after an accident and request a recorded statement. Don’t provide a statement until you speak with an attorney. Finally, if the insurance company offers a settlement or wants to discuss any payments to you, call an attorney immediately. Insurers often try to undervalue claims and hope accident victims will accept their offer. If you do, you will likely sign away any rights you have for further compensation. Contact a Virginia Car Accident Lawyer Today for Help After a car accident or any motor vehicle collision, talk to one of the experienced Virginia personal injury attorneys at River Run Law. We are a small, boutique firm that provides exceptional service for our clients. Call now to schedule your no-cost consultation with a Richmond car accident lawyer. You can also contact us online to learn more about your obligations to your insurance company after an accident.

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