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If you are wondering, What is a dash cam used for? And should I get one? You have come to the right place.

In this article, we will discuss five reasons you should invest in a dash cam for your vehicle.

However, before understanding why dashcams are a good idea, let the Richmond personal injury lawyers at River Run Law address some basics.

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What Is a Dash Cam?

A dashboard camera, or dash cam as it is called for short, is a device that is mounted in your vehicle to allow you to record everything that occurs while you drive. 

Where Do You Mount a Dash Cam?

As the name implies, a dash cam is typically mounted on the vehicle’s dashboard. However, it can be attached to almost anywhere in the interior or exterior of your car.

Usually, the camera is mounted to the inside of your windshield or dashboard with a suction cup. 

How Does a Dash Cam Work?

Dash cams work similarly to any camera or video recording device. Dashcams typically start recording once you start your car and will record on a loop.

They are designed to continuously record, for the simple reason you generally do not have advanced warning of when something may occur and when to turn the camera on.

Dash Cam Footage Saves Client

THE CASE: Car Accident Settled Out of Court

THE FACTS: Our client was in the right straight through lane of a major intersection.  Her light was a green ball, as she continued out into the middle of the intersection, a van came from her right at a high rate of speed and t-boned her car.  The other driver claimed she had the green light.  This case would have spent months in litigation but not for a kind person who happened to have a Go-Pro/Dash Cam in his vehicle.  He was stopped at the light when the other driver flew past him, ignored the red light and hit my client.  He stayed at the scene and provided a copy of the video footage to the police and to my client. Despite being ticketed, the other driver continued to fight the charge and maintained to her insurance company she had the light.

CASE RESULT: We may have even lost with the jury.  But because there was actual video footage of the other driver, her red light and the crash, my client was able to resolve the matter out of court.

Why Should I Get a Dash Cam?

You might be wondering, I don’t drive for a living (e.g., I’m not an Uber driver, etc.), so why get a dash cam? Is it necessary? Here are five reasons you should invest in a dash camera.

A dash cam is a silent witness to events that may unfold while driving. Because of its ability to capture what is happening in real-time, there are several benefits to investing in one. 

what is a dash cam

1. Provide Evidence in the Event of a Car Accident

Dashcams offer solid non-biased evidence of what occurred in real time before, during, and after an accident. Dashcams help eliminate accusatory points of view.

The recordings can be used as evidence of injuries and damage during a wreck.

2. Protect Against Insurance Fraud

Unfortunately, insurance fraud is prevalent in the United States and costs consumers over $300 billion annually.

Sometimes it is as simple as an at-fault driver trying to shift blame to the victim to avoid liability. Other times, criminals engage in insurance fraud schemes intending to defraud.

Dash cam footage can quickly quash their plan.

3. Prevent Theft or Vandalism of Your Car

Many dash cams begin recording motion. A dash cam can catch thieves and vandals on camera should they approach your unattended vehicle.

The mere sight of a camera may even deter them altogether. 

4. Avoid Traffic Tickets

Dashcams can do more than record what they see. Some are also equipped with night vision, speedometers, and GPS tracking.

The information can be helpful if you are pulled over and believe the police officer may have made a mistake. Using dash cam footage can help your defense in traffic court. 

5. Supervise Your Younger Driver

Although this reason may not apply to everyone, if you are a parent to a new or young driver, a dash cam can allow you to see how your child is doing behind the wheel and give you peace of mind.

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