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Car accidents often cause thousands of dollars in property damage, not to mention the financial and emotional cost to injured victims.

Unfortunately, car accidents occur all too frequently because of drunk driving.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Virginia recorded approximately 236 alcohol-related driving fatalities in 2019 alone.

Additionally, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles indicates that alcohol-related fatalities cost the state $429 million per year. 

If you or a loved one suffered injuries in a car accident, you might ask if you are entitled to compensation after being hit by a drunk driver.

No matter what questions you have, our team at River Run Law is standing by and ready to help. Contact us today so we can review your case.

Drunk Driving Accidents in Virginia

Virginia is a “fault” state when it comes to financial responsibility for losses suffered in a car crash. Virginia refers to the party responsible for the crash as the “at-fault party.”

The at-fault party bears financial responsibility for any losses stemming from the accident.

Typically the at-fault driver’s insurance company pays these damages but only up to the driver’s policy limits.

You can show that a party was at fault by proving that they were under the influence at the time of the crash.

You can try to prove they were driving drunk with evidence, including police reports, lab reports, or eyewitness testimony. 

A personal injury attorney can help you locate the evidence you need to establish the drunk driver’s responsibility for the accident.

It is critical that this evidence be gained early as memories fade and records disappear. 

What Is the Average Personal Injury Settlement for a Drunk Driving Accident?

If you were hit by a drunk driver, a settlement could provide the assistance you need to stay afloat while you recover.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as an average settlement for a drunk driving accident.

Even examples of drunk driving settlements would not give much guidance unless the circumstances were nearly identical.

Each settlement amount will differ depending on the facts of your case and the extent of your injuries.

Damages that might apply to your case include:

  • Medical bills;
  • Rehabilitation costs;
  • Loss of future earning capacity;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Lost wages;
  • Disfigurement; and
  • Inconvenience.

The higher your damages are, the larger the settlement offer you should receive.

In most cases, insurance companies will start with a settlement offer far below what you deserve.

With a qualified attorney in your corner, we can negotiate with the insurance company for you and ensure you receive a fair offer. 

Need to Know the Average Settlement for a Drunk Driving Accident? Contact River Run Law Today 

If you or a loved one suffered injuries in a drunk driving accident, contact one of our attorneys right away.

We have extensive experience representing injured parties and negotiating with insurance companies on behalf of our clients. 

Our team of lawyers at River Run Law can help you secure a settlement that compensates you for all of your losses, both financial and emotional.

We offer a free consultation to answer any questions and explain how to start the legal process.

Contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Average Settlement for a Drunk Driving Accident in Virginia

1. How Much Are Most Car Accident Settlements?

There is no way to accurately determine the amount of a car accident settlement without a review of the case.

Thus, examples of drunk driving settlements typically do not provide an accurate picture of the potential damages in your case.

For example, if you are hit by a drunk driver and suffer no injuries, you will not receive as large of a settlement as someone who suffers severe injuries after being rear-ended by a drunk driver.

A settlement varies based on the amount of damages you incur as a result of the accident.

Thus, a settlement will depend on the facts of your case.

If you want to know your estimated average settlement for a drunk driving accident in Virginia, contact River Run Law today.

2. How Does Pain and Suffering Get Calculated?

Pain and suffering is often more difficult to calculate than other forms of damages like medical bills or repair costs.

After all, no one measures their sadness or pain in dollar amounts.

However, in drunk driving personal injury cases, money damages are the only way to compensate an injury victim.

It is not uncommon to experience pain and suffering after being hit by a drunk driver due to your injuries or the loss of a loved one.

In many cases, insurance companies will look at a statistical formula to determine what level of pain and suffering damages to offer a plaintiff.

Let our team deal with calculating your damages while you focus on recovering from your injuries.

3. How Long After a Car Accident Can You Sue in Virginia?

In most personal injury cases, Virginia gives you two years after the accident to file your lawsuit.

However, there are limited exceptions to this rule. Once the two-year period runs out, you will likely lose your right to recover compensation.

Limited exceptions apply to the two year rule.

For example, minor children have two years after their 18th birthday to file their lawsuit.

Alternatively, some cases involving fraud can warrant the extension of the statutory period. 

As you can see, there is no time to waste after your involvement in a car accident.

Contact River Run Law today so we can start reviewing your case.

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