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When you suffer from a personal injury, having a personal injury attorney in Richmond, VA, can make all the difference.

Without a Richmond personal injury attorney, you’re susceptible to the tactics that some insurance companies use to save money.

They may offer you a quick-fix settlement, trying to make you believe it’s the best—or only—offer you can get. But an experienced personal injury attorney shields you from these maneuvers and helps you maximize your settlement. 

Wondering how to find a Richmond personal injury attorney to help you get the fastest settlement? In this post, we’ll go over what to look for when searching for a Richmond personal injury attorney. 

Proven Track Record of Getting Personal Injury Settlements for Their Clients

Has the attorney handled personal injury settlements before? Since you’re looking for a personal injury attorney in Richmond, VA, make sure that the attorney routinely handles personal injury settlements. 

Ask about:

  • Their approach to personal injury settlements,
  • How they determine the best personal injury settlement for each case,
  • Their process for negotiating personal injury settlements, and
  • What personal injury settlements they’ve gotten for past clients. 

Does the attorney or law firm publish case results on their website? Check those out as well, and ask the attorney about those cases. See what kinds of testimonials they have from past clients. 

Experience Litigating Personal Injury Cases 

Look for an attorney who litigates personal injury cases, as well as one who settles personal injury cases.

The reason? An attorney who litigates personal injury cases probably has a firm grasp on the average award you might receive under the circumstances.

This is useful for you because they can use this information during negotiations to craft the best settlement offer.

When choosing an auto collision attorney to get you the fastest settlement, you may benefit from their experience.

An attorney with experience representing insurance companies is also an asset. Why? Because they know the ins and outs of the insurance company’s methods and algorithms in crafting offers.

Having an attorney with these valuable experiences is to your advantage and can streamline the settlement process.

A personal injury attorney in Richmond, Virginia with experience and know-how will help get you the fastest settlement. 

Honors, Speaking Engagements, and Recognitions

To make sure you’re getting the right Richmond personal injury attorney for you, look to see what honors, awards, and recognitions the attorney received. 

For example, look for these types of qualifications:

Be sure to ask the Richmond personal injury attorney about these and other recognitions. Having this experience means the legal community respects them and sees them as distinguished members.

Having an upstanding, respected personal injury attorney in Richmond helps you get the best and fastest settlement. 

The Richmond Personal Injury Attorneys at River Run Law Have It All

Our River Run Law personal injury attorneys have the experience and the track record to help you get the fastest settlement for your personal injury case.

For five years in a row, Brooke Alexander made it on the Super Lawyers, Rising Stars list. She’s tried hundreds of personal injury cases in her 14 years of practice.

Likewise, Casey Ariail has extensive experience litigating, mediating, and settling personal injury cases. He’s won millions of dollars for his personal injury clients and testified before the Virginia Senate to advocate for changes in the law to help expand recovery available for injured parties. 

Contact the outstanding attorneys at River Run Law today by phone at (828) 414-8614 or by filling out our easy-to-use contact form.

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Brooke Alexander

Brooke graduated from the University of Richmond School of Law after receiving her undergraduate degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Brooke worked for five years in private practice with a law firm specializing in insurance defense litigation before becoming the trial litigator for Allstate Insurance Company in the metro Richmond area.

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