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Following an auto accident in Virginia, either the police or an involved party will file a police report.

The Department of Motor Vehicles is the government agency responsible for keeping all accident reports.

If the police respond to the accident scene, they will submit their report to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles within 24 hours of completing their investigation.

If you are involved in an accident, here is what you need to know about getting a copy of your Virginia accident report.

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We Can Help Get the Traffic Accident Report For You

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What Does a Car Accident Report Contain?

In Virginia, when law enforcement arrives at the scene of a crash, they have to fill out what is known as Form FR300P.

Or in simpler terms, it is better known as a “Police Crash Report.” 

In this form, police record general information, driver information, passenger information, and vehicle information.

General Information

  • Date of the crash or accident
  • What day the crash took place,
  • Time the crash took place, 
  • The location of the crash,
  • Any landmarks near the incident, and 
  • How many cars were involved.

Driver and Passenger Information

  • The driver’s full name,
  • Driver’s address,
  • License number,
  • The driver’s gender,
  • The Insurance company for the vehicle, and
  • Any injuries that may have occurred.

Vehicle Information 

  • The name of the vehicle owner, 
  • The address of the vehicle owner, 
  • The make, model, and year of the vehicle,
  • The vehicles license plate number,
  • The VIN number,
  • Was the vehicle disabled in any way,
  • Did the vehicle need to be towed?
  • Repair cost estimate,
  • How big the vehicle is,
  • What was the speed right before the accident,
  • The posted speed limit where the crash took place, and
  • The number of passengers and their age range.

Crash Information 

  • The weather at the time of the crash, 
  • What type of road the crash occurred on, 
  • Was a traffic-controlled device used? I.e. stop sign or traffic a light,
  • The condition of the road, and 
  • Could there have been any form of distraction.

What Other Information will Law Enforcement Collect?

  • Pictures. The officer who arrived on the scene will take any and all photos of the crash scene and the condition of the vehicles involved.
  • Crash Diagram. Police have a space provided on the Police Crash Report where they can draw a diagram of the vehicle damage and why they believe the crash occurred. 
  • Witnesses. They will also take down names and descriptions from any persons that were a witness to the accident.

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Obtaining Copies of Virginia Traffic Accident Reports

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles maintains official records of all reportable crashes for a minimum of 36 months from the date of the accident.

To request a copy of your report, you can submit a completed Information Request Form, called CRD 93, or a written request along with payment.

Your request must contain the following information:

  • Your involvement in the crash (driver, vehicle owner, the injured party, etc.);
  • Date and time of the accident;
  • Location of the accident, such as the street and city or town and county;
  • Name of the driver in the accident; and
  • Your driver’s license number (mandatory if you were involved in the accident).

Submit your request by mail to:

Customer Records Work Center, Room 514
Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles
Post Office Box, 27412
Richmond, VA 23269

You can also submit your request by fax to 804-367-0390. If you want to request an accident report in person, check the Virginia DMV website for the nearest Customer Service Center to you.

Requesting the Report from the Police Department that Responded to the Accident

If you wish to get a copy of your report through the police department that responded to the accident, the easiest way is to visit that department’s website and request the report to be sent by mail, or you can pick it up in person. 

Accepted Payment Methods for Virginia Car Accident Reports

The current fee for requesting a police report is $8. Please note that your payment will not be returned to you if the DMV cannot locate a police report matching the information you submit.

That is why it’s crucial to ensure you have as much information as possible and the information you submit is correct.

You cannot submit a credit card payment request if you are ordering a police report through the mail. You must include a check or money order.

If you are ordering the report via fax, you can submit a completed form DMS 004, “License, ID Card and Records Payment Authorization.”

Requests made at a DMV Customer Service Center can be made using a credit card, cash, check, or money order.

Who Can Request a Virginia Accident Report?

Releasing information in a police report is subject to Code of Virginia Sections 46.2-379 and 46.2-380.

Section 46.2-380 allows an accident report to be released to someone involved in the crash or their authorized representative. Involved parties include:

  • Driver or passenger;
  • Other injured person;
  • The attorney representing anyone involved or injured in the collision;
  • The personal representative of an involved person, such as executor or next of kin;
  • A parent or legal guardian of someone under 18 who was injured or killed; or
  • Authorized insurance company representative.

Section 46.2-379 allows the DMV to release limited information to someone authorized under state or federal law to access the report. Possible information to be released includes:

  • Name and address of all drivers;
  • Date, location, and time of the collision;
  • Names of all injured parties;
  • Names of all vehicle owners;
  • Names of any witnesses; and
  • The investigating officer’s name.

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