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With more and more services moving online, many find it more convenient or safe to conduct business remotely.

In the legal sphere, even personal injury attorneys are accepting more remote work.

Here’s how to find the right remote personal injury lawyer for your case and how remote legal assistance compares to in-person settings.

Finding the Perfect Attorney (Remote Work)

Looking for the best remote injury lawyer isn’t much different from looking for one in person.

One reason for this is that many law firms adapted their practice for remote work during the coronavirus pandemic.

As such, a lawyer’s online consultation typically includes a Zoom meeting or other similar video conferencing platform.

Despite this difference, the consultation works the same way. As you present information to the attorney, they use the facts of your case to determine if their services would be beneficial.

In addition, you may ask them any questions about their experience with your case type. 

When searching for the right attorney, make sure you thoroughly examine their website. Many firms list their previous case results and industry accolades.

Generally, the more emphasis an attorney places on working with clients individually, the better.

Some larger firms hand your case over to an associate attorney or legal assistant so the more experienced lawyers can accept a larger caseload.

This means that you may not meet with your attorney regularly, which might lead to them overlooking some aspects of your case, such as the statute of limitations.

As a rule of thumb, make sure your potential attorney has experience with your case type, positive results, and a personalized approach.

If in doubt, read some of the reviews from past clients.

How Hard Is it to Find a Mobile Work Injury Lawyer?

Finding a remote attorney isn’t as difficult as you may think. If you search for an attorney (remote work) on a search engine, you’ll find many firms that have lawyers who work remotely.

Even as pandemic restrictions ease, many attorneys still offer remote services because of their convenience.

In fact, most of the discussions you end up having with an attorney can happen over an online meeting or phone call.

The only time you may need to appear in person is if your case goes to trial.

Navigating a Lawyer  Free Consultation Online

Before meeting with a potential attorney, there are a few things you may want to prepare. This is an essential part of building a strong case.

First, collect electronic versions of all relevant documents. This includes things like medical records, photographic evidence, videos, accident reports, and letters from the insurer.

Second, ensure you have a strong internet connection. Video calls require higher bandwidth, so don’t attempt a meeting with an attorney when your connection is weak.

Finally, create a list of questions to ask the attorney about their experience. Be sure their philosophy and methods align with your overall goals.

Looking for a Personal Injury Attorney (Remote Work)? Call River Run Law

At River Run Law, we understand the difficulties victims have navigating their claims after a serious injury.

Whether you sustain an injury in a car accident or on the job, you need an advocate who knows how to fight for your interests.

Our Richmond attorneys not only offer remote services, but we are also proud to use a personalized approach with each client.

To schedule a free consultation, please call us at (828) 414-8614 or contact us online.

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